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Burden - Compact Disc

Burden - Compact Disc

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Compact Disc of the 4-song Burden EP from Red Hot Empty!

This EP means the world to our band. Burden is written about anything you ever had to silently carry on your shoulders. This album also features some angry, political and passionate takes on our society. We hope the music we write will reach the ears of the people who need to hear it, We want you to know you’re not alone.

Red Hot Empty is: Sara Elliott, Ben Barron, Larry Hogan, & Mike Gruwell.

1. Burden
2. Sabs & Scabies
3. Suffering
4. 4 Cops

Recorded at GTown Studio. Mixed by Doctor Deathray. Mastered by Ian Blanton. Cover artwork by Sara Elliott. CD Duplication by Kunaki. Packaging by Larry Hogan. Released June 15, 2023.

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