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Corridors - Cassette

Corridors - Cassette

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Limited edition Red Cassette of the debut album "Corridors" from Red Hot Empty!

The freshman release from the angriest up and comers on the Atlanta scene.  8 tracks of pure music, for people who like music.  The same music as the CD but you get it on a hunk of red plastic!

Red Hot Empty is: Sara Elliott, Ben Barron, Larry Hogan, & Mike Gruwell.

1. Can I Get a New Life?
2. Degenerate 
3. Escape 
4. Must Be Nice 
5. Dirt 
6. Interstate 
7. The Causeway 
8. Good Bye 

Recorded at GTown Studio & Analog Revolution. Mixed by Doctor Deathray. Released Dec. 19, 2022.

Includes red cassette, cover and free digital album download code.

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